CHILLZ® BOARDS  was born out of the love for long-boarding, graffiti/graphic design and woodworking. Brand consists of two people, me, Konrad and my friend Chris. I tackle crafting boards, testing them and graphic design, Chris does the social media nad marketing. Basic idea was to create good quality boards with beautiful, unique graphics which you cannot find on the market. Most manufacturers value quantity over quality, we represent different approach – quality and customer satisfaction over quantity.  Other aspect is that we believe longboards are a great, eco-friendly mean of daily commute. It’s a great answer to being stuck in traffic in a car, bus or tram. Life is too short for traffic jams:)

So in CHILLZ® BOARDS we have our PRO and CUSTOM lines of decks. Pro line decks are made in LAND-MFG factory in Poland, have more advanced construction (hardwood core, fibreglass and carbon fiber) and a printed graphic on a very durable plastic layer which is hard to scratch. Our CUSTOM line is reserved for experiments with different geometry of shapes and wheelbases. Graphics are designed and hand-painted by Konrad. One thing both lines have in common is the approach to graphics.

CUSTOM line consist of: 
– Dancers
– Surfskate
– Cruisers
– Blanks 

PRO line consist of:
– Longboards
– Skateboards
– Surfskates