We know very well that longboards are something more than sports accessories. Our customs products are made of the materials provided by local manufacturers. Each board from the CUSTOM series is 100% handcrafted. We put our whole heart and all our skills into it so that it gives the joy of riding and pleases the eye. One of a kind custom graphics have been protected with a double layer of clear varnish for wood.Our dancer boards were designed as symmetrical decks with longboard-dancing fans in mind. The comfortable width, mellow concave, long kick-tails and well thought wheel wells provide stable and safe platform for performing various tricks. Design also includes a professionally hand-painted graphic. It will never be duplicated, which makes it unique and limited. Riding on our longboards is pure pleasure.You can attach traditional reverse kingpin (RKT) trucks to the board and use it as a city longboard or cruiser, or you can install special, very swivelling (Surfskate) trucks, thanks to which the board gains a lot of freedom and the feeling of riding is similar to surfing the waves.

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