CHILLZ® Surfskate is an answer to those who crave a surf-like feeling while riding. Board design includes a wide platform for your feet, mellow concave for comfort and a kick-tail. Our surf skates have an adjustable wheelbase which makes it easy to create a setup for either tall or short riders. For a snappy setup you can mount the trucks closer to each other whereas taller riders (over 190cm) might consider wider setup for more comfort and freedom of movement.CHILLZ® custom surfskates are versatile and can be used as cruisers too. You can mound traditional reverse kingpin (RKT) trucks to the board and use it as a city cruiser (cruiser mode), or you can install special, very swivelling trucks, thanks to which the board gains a lot of freedom (surf-skate mode) so that the feeling of riding is similar to surfing the waves. Just like all of our custom boards each of them has a unique and one of a kind graphic design hand-painted by an artist.

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