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How to choose the right trucks for your longboard?

Choosing the right longboard trucks is crucial for the overall performance and feel of your longboard. Longboard trucks are the T-shaped metal components that mount onto the underside of the deck and hold the wheels. Here are key factors to consider when selecting longboard trucks:

1. Truck Width:

   - Match the width of your trucks to the width of your longboard deck. Trucks that are too wide or too narrow for your deck can affect stability and manoeuvrability. Standard longboard truck widths are typically measured in inches and range from 150mm to 180mm.

2. Truck Height:

   - The height of the truck affects how responsive your longboard will be. Higher trucks provide more clearance for larger wheels and are suitable for cruising and carving. Lower trucks are more stable at higher speeds and are often preferred for downhill riding. Common truck heights range from 50mm to 75mm.

3. Baseplate Angle:

   - The angle of the baseplate influences the turning responsiveness of your longboard. Higher angles (around 50 degrees or more) result in sharper turns, while lower angles (around 40 degrees or less) provide a more stable ride. Choose a baseplate angle based on your preferred riding style.

4. Bushings:

   - Bushings are the urethane cushions in the trucks that affect how easily and smoothly the trucks turn. Softer bushings allow for easier turning and are suitable for carving, while harder bushings provide stability at higher speeds. Consider your weight when selecting bushings, as heavier riders may need firmer bushings.

5. Hanger Width:

   - The hanger is the T-shaped part of the truck that connects to the axle. The width of the hanger should closely match the width of your longboard deck. It contributes to the overall stability and feel of the longboard.

6. Riding Style:

   - Consider your preferred riding style. Different styles, such as cruising, carving, downhill, or freestyle, may require specific features in your trucks. For example, downhill riders often prefer more stability, while freestyle riders may prioritise manoeuvrability.

7. Brand and Quality:

   - Stick to reputable brands when choosing longboard trucks. Quality construction and materials can significantly impact the performance and durability of the trucks. Popular brands include Paris, Caliber, Bear, and Independent.

8. Personal Preference:

   - Ultimately, personal preference plays a significant role in choosing longboard trucks. Experimenting with different setups and making adjustments based on your own feel and experience is essential. You may find that your preferences evolve as you gain more experience.

When in doubt, it can be helpful to seek advice from experienced longboard riders or visit a local skate shop where you can get hands-on assistance and recommendations based on your specific needs and preferences.