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How to cut a custom longboard shape from blank?

Cutting a perfect shape for a longboard from a blank deck involves precision and careful attention to detail. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you achieve a clean and accurate cut:


1. Longboard blank deck: Choose a high-quality plywood deck with the desired dimensions.

2. Pencil: For marking the shape on the deck.

3. Ruler or straight edge: To ensure straight lines and even measurements.

4. Jigsaw or circular saw: These are the primary tools for cutting the deck.

5. Workbench or sawhorses: To secure the deck while cutting.

6. Sandpaper or a sander: To smooth out rough edges after cutting.


1. Design Your Longboard Shape:

   - Plan the shape of your longboard. Consider the length, width, nose, tail, and any concave or kicktails you want.

   - Draw the outline of your longboard shape on the blank deck using a pencil and a ruler or straight edge.

2. Secure the Blank Deck:

   - Place the blank deck on a stable workbench or sawhorses to secure it during the cutting process.

3. Measure and Mark:

   - Use a ruler or straight edge to measure and mark the key points of your longboard shape, ensuring accuracy in your design.

   - Double-check your measurements and marks before proceeding.

4. Cutting the Outline:

   - If using a jigsaw, carefully follow the marked outline, cutting along the lines. Take your time to ensure precision.

   - If using a circular saw, set the blade depth to match the thickness of the deck and guide the saw along the marked lines.

5. Cutting Concave and Kicktails (if applicable):

   - If your longboard design includes concave or kicktails, use the jigsaw to carefully cut these features after completing the main outline.

6. Smooth Edges:

   - After cutting, use sandpaper or a sander to smooth out any rough edges and refine the shape.

   - Pay extra attention to the nose, tail, and any areas with complex curves.

7. **Inspect the Cut:

   - Inspect the cut edges to ensure they match your intended design. Make any necessary adjustments with sandpaper.

8. Final Touches:

   - Double-check the overall shape and make any final adjustments to achieve the desired look.

   - Sand the entire deck to create a smooth surface for applying grip tape and any custom graphics.

By following these steps with precision and attention to detail, you can cut a perfect shape for your longboard from a blank deck. Always prioritise safety by using appropriate safety gear and tools, and take your time to achieve the best results.