We at CHILLZ® take the quality of our decks seriously. Our “Pro” and “Custom” line boards have been handcrafted to meet and satisfy highest demands of our customers and provide comfort.

If for some reason you would like to return the board please send it back to us. Return is possible if the board was unused and was not custom shaped and/or had a graphic design/engraving made just for you.

After you purchase the deck you have 30 days to return it to us. Once you do that we will refund the cost (excluding shipping cost). Please contact us at: hello@chillzboards.com providing the reason why you want to return it. Your feedback is always welcome.


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If there is something wrong with your deck (e.g.: delamination) please take some photos and send them to us at: hello@chillzboards.com

If the request qualifies for the warranty, we will ask you to send the board for further inspection. The warranty covers repair or replacement of the deck.

We don not take responsibility for the misuse of the boards and normal wear. The warranty doesn’t cover: wear, warping due to water or heat exposure, damage due to the inappropriate installation of accessories, intentional breakage, breakage resulting from misuse, e.g.: using a soft flex deck by a too heavy user and landing tricks with it.